• recording the existing condition as needed
  • floor plan and furniture layout
  • drawings of suspended ceilings and all plasterboard works
  • drawings of all floor and wall coverings
  • lighting designs
  • drawings of all necessary installations
  • designs of custom-made furniture
  • characteristic views and cross-sections
  • 3D photo realistic visualization
  • furniture cost sheet and equipment specifications
  • stores tour with the client
  • choosing colours for the walls
  • space counselling
  • work organization and supervision

We create each project on the basis of a detailed conversation with the investor, and after the agreement we determine which option suits him best. The designer must not neglect or disrespect the basic needs, desires and capabilities of the customer. On the other hand, the customer must be aware that the language of design expression is far more complex than partially viewed building elements, that it is more than just the organization of space and objects within it, far more than a mere arrangement of colours.